Saturday, February 16, 2008


Finished Katie's Aunt's quilt last night & took it off the LA, guess I need to get the next one pinned on.
It's a very sweet old fashioned sort of style so I quilted butterflies, leaves, hearts & flowers all over.
My quilting friend Gale gave me a gorgeous new vest, the picture really doesn't do it justice, it has just enough bling! We are both "girly girls" in spite of the fact that she can drive an 18 wheeler & rope a steer from a galloping horse as well as most guys, better I'll bet! And she drives a "dualie"[sp?] & totes a tool chest both of which are the envy of many a male.
The weather here turned cooler again late this week - any respite from the upcoming sizzling Phoenix summer heat is welcome in my estimation & it gave me opportunities to wear my new vest. BTW, I am NOT smokin' anything either, I promise, my eyes always look like that when the flash goes off, you should see my driver's licence I always feel as if I need to make excuses for it!
No sewing yet today-too busy with other stuff. Button always has to have her couple of miles in the morning , these little working dogs need regular daily excercise & it's good for me too, helps in keeping the Fibromyalgia at bay a bit.
I agreed to sing at Evensong Wednesday & today was a practice run after which I picked up a few groceries at Sunflower Market & here the day is nearly over, 6 p.m. already.
Walt has been busting some heavy labor working on the back yard, he figures he toted about 26 tons today alone! He'll need a long hot shower for those overworked muscles. I cleaned a couple of bathrooms & vacuumed a little at the church today so I told him that we 're getting too old for heavy labor,LOL. The pavers for the backyard will be delivered Monday, 500 s/f of them which will be a big job in itself, but the prep work is huge, careful leveling & then laying a sand foundation. It will be lovely when it's completed but I've been told a branch needs to come off the big Brazilian Pepper tree & I'm so protective, that's like asking to amputate one of my limbs!

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Sew Prim Khris said...

Well that vest will keep you nice and warm with the cool weather you have there Roslyn. What a lovely friend to give you it. Hey I have TAGGED you. Please drop by my blog and play with me...hugs Khris