Monday, August 31, 2015

Row By Row H2o, Capital Quilts

There was no way I would be visiting Washingon DC, or any city for that matter, without checking out at least one quilt shop. Since I became interested in the Row by Row that was another incentive especially as Capital Quilts has such a great Row!
My time has been very limited due to reunion activities etc, so Thursday morning was my best opportunity, as long as I was back before 2pm. for the quilter's meeting, so I took the Redline all the way to Shady Grove then a taxi to the store. I was not disappointed, in fact I was delighted to discover Annie another Aussie lady working in the store, and a wonderful selection of fabulous Aussie fabrics. Of course some came home with me along with two new patterns and the Row by Row pattern.
Considering that I was in the store only an hour I think I did quite well, don't you?
"Aussie Shadow Box" pattern is by another Aussie, and  way to use my Aussie fabrics including what I have in stash, without cutting them up in tiny bits and losing the designs.
I am more than happy with my purchases and impressed with the store, their merchandise and helpful people, in fact they even gave me a ride back to the metro station and told me that if customers let them know when they will be arriving at the metro they may be able to pick them up, how is that for service?! Nothing I have ever encountered before!
I made it back to the hotel around 1:30pm in good time for our quilter's meeting and presentation of the QOV's. I was busy helping and did not get any pics, but some have agreed to share theirs and I will  post whenever they arrive.
Thursday evening we walked from the hotel down the hill to a row of restauarnts and settled on Italian because they could seat seven of us together. I had a lovely seafood salad, finishing off the day nicely.
All of these men served as helicopter pilots in Vietnam, then went on to fly other aircraft and after Army retirement enjoyed a second career in the civilian world. We can be proud of all these patriots who served their Country faithfully when called upon, they are some of the more fortunate. We lost more than 58,000 of their fellow Servicemen and countless more wounded still living with their wounds. Last year at the final banquet we sat at the same table as a Medal Of Honor soldier, a quiet, humble man, we were all honored to be in his presence.


Anonymous said...

How great that they stay in touch. My friend's ex-husband flew jet during Vietnam. Messed him up a bit. Glad you had a nice side trip to Capital Quilts.

Cactusneedle said...

I picked up a pattern in VA and NC while I was on the east coast last month, The VA shop had a big posterboard "postcard" that they had customers sign. Thought that was a cool idea.

cityquilter grace said...

capital quilts is a lovely little shop....and i love all your travel photos!