Monday, August 10, 2015

Sewing On The Beach

We took sewing machines to the beach, two more family members wanting to learn how to sew to make quilts from Grandma's stash. The thirteen year old began work on these two blocks part of a BOM GM had purchased many years ago.
We plan to work on this again at Christmas when I am here to assist. I think neither the young girl or her mom have ever sewed, interesting isn't it how the mother can be a competent sewist and daughters never show any interest.
I know that I bugged/begged my Mum from preschool days to "let me sew too Mummy" until she gave me needle and thread and I sewed doll clothes until about eight years when I could reach the treadle to sew on the "big machine".
So I caught the passion too and my first major purchase after leaving home for higher education was a portable electric sewing machine, I seem to remember that I paid around £20 for it, a considerable sum to a student in that day! But it allowed me to sew most of my clothes, a dress for ten shillings worth of fabric, no pattern I had no money left for patterns! Ten shillings was half a pound, about a dollar.
Ah the days of student penury, LOL.
This is my Hummarock Beach row, the pattern is from a VA. QS, adapted for my vacation spot. 
Hummarock as you may guess from the name is a beach with lots of rock, interspersed with sandy areas. I wear beach shoes because the rocks hurt my feet but a lot of people do not.
My plan is to replace the palm trees with a lifeguard chair and flag as there is at Hummarock. 
The home you see on the left is where we stay.
So farewell to Hummarock for another year. That's Button dog you can see in the lower left corner of the photo.

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cityquilter grace said...

ros during high school we lived in hanover, mass and our neighbor was a realtor and she owned 3 beach houses at brant we often got to stay off season....lovely photos bring back nice memories...