Friday, August 7, 2015

Boston Row by Row H2o

Yesterday we visited the Heart In Hands quilt shop in Weymouth MA, nice store, delicious fabrics and friendly ladies to assist you.,
  This is their Row by Row representing Boston Commons. DH and I were actually married 44 years ago in Weymouth at the now closed Naval Weapons Station.
The Swan Boats have been taking visitors on tours of the public gardens since 1877. These unique pontoons have rope steered rudders, are pedal operated, have tractor seats and weigh around three tons fully loaded.  The drivers must have very strong legs!
This is the Heart in Hands sale room, 25-40% off the bolt price a good selection of fabrics.
Then there is the New England Stash Exchange for $6/ yard, I restrained myself to only a couple of yards, don't want to pay for excess luggage on the way home!
I fell for this unique quilt design and upon enquiry was told that one of the store owners had made it several years ago. The store no longer has the book for this quilt pattern but they were kind enough to take the time to go search out the book so I was able to go online and order it!
It will be waiting for me when I get home and I am really looking forward to making this quilt.

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Andee said...

I have that book! Love the swan story!