Monday, August 10, 2015

The Beach

Another photo heavy post, there were too many great memories to choose from - and there are even more!
 We had a wonderful week living in the rhythm of the waves, visiting, and mostly relaxing. The weather held out apart from one storm that picked up one of the tents the kids had been using and took it a quarter mile down the beach and into the water! I was wondering where it might end up but the guys ran after it and rescued the runaway tent just a little the worse for its adventure and possibly repairable!
Friday nephew took us out in the boat for some whale watching and it turned out to be an amazing experience. We cruised around in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and found a pod of whales feeding and breaching and diving.
They often came right up to the boat and under it, niece said we were covered in "whale spit" as they blew out with a loud whoosh!
I just kept clicking away on my iPhone hoping I was getting useable photos and actually caught a few tails!
This whale looks as if it is missing half his tail likely in an encounter with a large marine vessel prop, but appears to be enjoying a good life none the less for lacking an intact tail.
On several occasions we had a whale or two headed right at the boat but they are too clever to collide.
Here you can see how close they came to our boat, that's great nephew hanging out on the bow.
Four whales in this pic, we saw a mom and calf a lot this may be them on the left.
It was so incredible, I had thought we might see "A" whale and instead were privileged to observe
a part of these huge animals lives for a couple of hours
This was the best pic of the day the quintessential whale tail with water streaming as it dives.
A great morning for all of us, including Button!
Ginger beer and ginger snaps and a beautiful day on the ocean what more could you ask for?

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Andee said...

I hope to one day see whales in the wild like this!