Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The NASA Space Quilt

I had all but forgotten about this until Angela posted how she had seen all 28 quilts on Cindy's  website with blocks from around the world. Cindy took the pics at the International Quilt Show in Houston in November.
I looked through all  28 and was getting discouraged about finding my block then I got all the way back up to the second picture and there it was, one of only two Talking Turkey blocks I found, the other was Angela's.
You can see my block, second row from the bottom, fourth block from the right! Thanks Cindy for posting these so we can all see how the blocks went together.
It looks a lot different when it's sewn into a quilt, doesn't it? This is a fun block to make one of Bonnie's best I think and very patriotic in these colors.


Andee said...

Too funny, I had forgotten you also did a Talkin' Turkey block and when I was scouring for mine I never noticed yours..lol...it was ALOT of blocks to look through!

joanne said...

a lot of beautiful blocks, what an adventure just looking at all of them. Yours is gorgeous and now that I've seen it I can go straight to it and know it was done by someone I have the privilege of knowing!

Heather said...

Well done. One thing I have noticed is how much quilters I know fret when they are making a block for a similar type project. Seeing your photos helps to put it in proper perspective. Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.