Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

 From Boston we watched the ball drop in Times Square last night, even the kids managed to stay up to see it!
We are hoping for a better year ahead with good news for our country and more peace and goodwill around the world.
After a glass of champagne we all went off to bed.
When I am here in Boston I sew on this older Kenmore, a jewel of a machine, beautiful stitch quality and it never eats the fabric! It is probably 20 yrs. old, came from a relative who only sewed on it once or twice and is happy to know that her great niece and nephew have learned to sew on it. This lady has recently retired from a lifetime as an OR nurse and I am hoping she will take up quilting and be around to help great niece when I am not!
I have been working a bit on clue #3 of the Grand Illusion mystery, I think I am only about 20+ short of the necessary 120 blocks. I sewed up all I brought with me and there are a couple of strip sets left at home which may finish up this clue.
Today I worked on clue#4, yesterday I made the new HST's but when I packed up at home I missed including the pink HST's we set aside from clue #1, so I am unable to complete this step but I am halfway there with 40 of the black + HST/s and 40 of the yellow. 
 Clue #5 is only 29 blocks and I brought along enough for these 4 patches which I suspect might be part of the corner blocks, as there are only four of them. 
That's all I prepped for so I will be quite far behind when I return home, with the balance of clues #3 and #4 to complete plus all of tomorrow's clue and the new one to be released the day after I return.
There's nothing pressing due then so I should be able to get going on a catch up, we have tentative plans for a meet-up in January with the group that did the first clue together Thanksgiving weekend and I want to be ready for it.
Meantime we are enjoying family time here in chilly Boston, hanging out around the fire and playing dominoes. I think the guys are taking the kids skiing tomorrow so the "grown up" girls will go shopping and perhaps take in a movie, woohoo a girl/adults only day! The attorney hates to shop but needs a couple of basic pieces of apparel so I will be cheering her on-I am also not a fan of shopping unless it is from my desk chair in front of the laptop in my jammies!

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The room wasn't available so I don't know that we will get together..