Monday, January 26, 2015

Quilt Of Valor

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Beginning the week on a high note with one of three QOV's I have to quilt for VHPA, Vietnam Helicopter Pilot's Assoc. DH is a member and the wives of members who quilt, began last year to make QOV's for the members.
Most Vietnam vets had no real welcome home at least not an official welcome, and often abuse and criticism from the general public. More than 58,000 courageous US service members gave their lives for this cause and thousands more were wounded. The percentage of returning Vietnam vets with PTSD is extremely high and at that time there was no place for them to get help.
We wives decided we would honor them all by presenting QOV's, last year we began the project with two quilts, this year many blocks have been donated by the VHPA wives and four quilts constructed to be presented at the annual reunion this year in Washington DC.
So here is number one of the three I will be quilting.
 Quilted with a neutral thread and a Stars and Stripes design.
Most of the blocks are pieced……. 
and two are embroidered.
I think that the veteran who receives this patriotic quilt will be delighted with it, don't you?


joanne said...

I can't think of a worthier cause, and yes, he will be delighted. Thank you Ros and your fellow QOV pals who are so thoughtful to do this.

Andee said...

I do! It looks great!

Heather said...

I do think that the recipients will cherish these quilts and that they might help with their healing.