Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Catching Up

We are home and getting back into the routine, yesterday was my first day back in the gym and I thought I would be sore from the cardio blitz but am thankful I was not and got through another one today. I find it interesting that I would miss the gym so much but when it is a long term habit I feel almost deprived without it and so good to be back!
Last night was also Button's first time back at agility training after her three week break and I could tell that she was happy! At almost ten she is considered a "veteran" in agility terms and I am a "grand veteran" LOL! What that means is that in competition we adhere to a slightly different set of protocols, for example her jumping height is lower, even though she is able to she is not required and I agree that we need to protect our pets joints as we do our own. Especially for dogs with long backs and short legs as the "Aussies" have, the extra strain of landing could do serious damage.
I will try to get someone to take a video of her in the next few weeks so I can show what she does. We need to focus on "weaving" right now, that is the only obstacle she does not do well.
 I have begun to get back to Grand Illusion, 
 all complete through unit 4 as of last night……………..
and only twenty five four patches from unit 5 to finish this afternoon and I will be ready to put it all together. I have seen a few of the completed tops and some have more contrast than others, I hope mine has nice contrast because otherwise they tend to look "muddy" when the design does not stand out and the colors seem to mush together. Below is Bonnie's version,
From what I saw it helps to have a strong black to show up the block pattern and I think that most of the blacks I used are fairly constant in hue. Perhaps tomorrow I may have a completed top to show!


Andee said...

Looking good, welcome back!

Heather said...

It can be hard to envision what the top will look like when it's still in pieces. I'm sure it will be lovely, do share with us, soon.