Monday, January 19, 2015

Grand Illusion, Nearly there!

Some how this week was very busy and although I plugged away at GI, I ended up doing a lot of  very frustrating unsewing - finally about midnight last night the blocks were all sashed.……….
 the stop border cut and final border constructed.
I noticed after I looked at the photo of my top that I did not pay close attention to the block orientation so the center 4 patches are not all in the identical configuration, see how some have the yellow on the right upper corner and others on the left?
So then I went to Bonnie's blog and checked and her 4 patches are as random as mine, too funny! She said that she wanted them to look as if they were all doing their own thing while mine happened totally by accident!
Bonnie's pattern does show them all matching so it is kudos to Angela that hers all go in the same direction, she was paying attention to detail and decided she liked them all to match! It will be fun to see how all the other quilters handled it. If I had thought about it I could have simply rotated the large blocks to make the centers the same but I am not very worried about it and certainly will not be unsewing anymore on this top, it's such a busy, scrappy quilt pattern I think it will never be noticed.
The final two borders should go fast I hope and after that I want to move along and get some tops quilted.
This week I have The Boy, and tomorrow is a holiday so we have him all day, not sure I will get much else done. No doubt we will have to make banana-date bread- almost every day when he comes here he asks me " can we make banana bread Grandnanna?" Now what's a Grandmother to do?? He loves to measure out all the ingredients and can tell me what goes in and when, how to break the eggs, turn the mixer on and off, funny little chap. It's a good learning experience apart from the baking knowledge, at 5 he is becoming familiar with weights and measures and fractions.
But I still haven't made him an apron, I keep forgetting.


Heather said...

banana bread it is. As for an apron for him, I made one for my son when he was young but taking the leg from a pair of jeans, opening the one seam. Then I cut it in the shape of a bbq apron. I used bought bias binding for the tie and to add binding and neck loop. he wore it for all sorts of crafts and cooking.

Andee said...

I thought they were supposed to go one I paid attention and for once got it right..then saw Bonnie said to put them any which way..HAHA all that energy expended to get them "right" HAHAH! Yours look fabulous! Kathy is still on clue two...plugging away!