Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Illusion Progress

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Saturday night the balance of Clue #2 was finished, I was afraid I would not be caught up and would fall behind but it was faster than expected!
Here are all one hundred double diamond blocks, I think it was a lot easier to use the strip method, just couldn't face all those tiny pieces when there was a less labor intensive method available. Of course if I had wanted to use little pieces or precut strips then one of Bonnie's suggestions would have been the choice, but I was prepared to sacrifice a little waste for ease of production and anyway I did not have appropriate strips already cut. My blocks turned out very accurate size-wise so I am a happy quilter!
Then I got started on Clue#3 and completed 17 blocks in short order.
I do not have as many color choices as Bonnie so my blocks will not have near the scrappiness of hers but I am "ok" with that, not wanting to purchase more fabrics but preferring to use what I have in stash. That way I can "rotate my stock" and purchase fresh material as I run out. You can see that these greens are more uniform in hue than Bonnie's but that's not going to bother me either if it means I can use up current stock.
The first check at measuring found perfect accuracy but as I went further I was coming up short of the necessary 6.5", so I did a little "unsewing" and adjusted my seam allowance, and am very relieved that I checked or I would have had a lot of reverse stitching to do!
 My regular 1/4" Pfaff foot is a scant 1/4", but I had switched to the little foot with the ledge and discovered to my chagrin that it is more generous in size so I reverted to the basic 1/4" foot. Once I did that the resulting blocks are perfect and most do not even need a sliver trimmed- I always check every block just to be sure!
Here you see the difference in design and apparently the fancier foot gives a slightly larger version of 1/4"! In future I will remember that if I need absolute 1/4" accuracy I need to stick with the basic foot.
It's great that Clue#3 is a simple one, and since I will be using mostly WOF strips it will go really fast I think- hooray, this time of year is so intense we need simple and Bonnie is blessing us with it!.


Andee said...

Looking good Ros! OY on checking every go girl!

Anonymous said...


In the second row check your eight patch, I think one is in the wrong spot. You have all yellow except for the white on in the first position.


LynCC said...

I have a lot of scrappiness, but like yours, they are more uniform within the colors than Bonnie's. I don't have much print interest, either. It just wasn't to be found straight from stash other than what I ended up with. But I was only doing the mystery if everything could be found in the stash, so it's all good!

Denise said...

Doing a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing your progress. Have fun! :D

Vireya said...

Your greens look very pretty!

Mary said...

Glad I checked my strip sets too. I Love Monday Link-up day!