Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Gingerbread House!

Yesterday I went to The Boy's kindergarten classroom to help him build his Gingerbread House as neither Mom nor Dad were able to be there.
I should have known better than to wear black, old jeans and an apron would have been more appropriate! I ended up with the frosting on the outside of me and The Boy ended up with it on the inside LOL, he insisted on "tasting" it!
 He was very tempted to eat the candy especially those he knew and liked but I discouraged him, he had not yet even eaten lunch. He really enjoyed frosting the graham crackers,  unable to resist taking a lick at the utensil now and then and we ended up with a very overdecorated house it must have weighed a couple of pounds. The little fella has become even more "cuddly" lately, loving to be in physical contact.
We carefully carried it into the library to be displayed with the work of the rest of the class, here you see a few of them. I am guessing they will be there till the end of the semester by which time [hopefully] the candy will be rather inedible!
His Daddy was very disappointed about missing it so I bought them a kit to do at home this weekend.
Meanwhile, I have made a little progress with the GI quilt mystery but I am no where near done.

I have sewed a lot of strips together-each strip gives me 5-6 blocks so I have a way to go, I am thinking almost twice this number of strips, argh, and the new clue will be out tomorrow!
Chain sewing in my future……….

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Andee said...

Gingerbread house looks like fun--Matthew is so lucky to have you as his Grandmother! At least clue three is an easy one!