Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grand Illusion Clue #2

When I read through the directions I was feeling very discouraged at making two hundred "double diamond" units and although Bonnie has listed three very different methods for construction none appealed to me.  I just knew these could be made by sewing the three colors of strips together then cutting the units which seems to me to be much simpler - and faster- even though it does create some waste. I decided that I would tolerate a bit of waste to save time and my sanity this very busy time of year!
So I did a bit of hunting around the internet and checked a few other blogs and found at least one other who had decided to use the strip method for what she calls "half chevrons". Although my measurements were a skosh different to hers I decided to try hers since she had already made a couple of sample blocks that turned out correct size.
I left her a comment so I hope that she responds because now I cannot find her blog and I always like to link back to someone whose work I reference.
So here are my two sample blocks, perfect size and lining up quite nicely, using a scant two inch neutral strip and two and a quarter inch for black and pink.
What do you think, would you opt for a fussier construction without waste or a faster method with some waste?
Today I had a lot of little bits and pieces of errands which I always try to combine into one outing saving both time and petrol! I get very irritated when I have to "waste" time running around this rather expansive city to complete my errands so I tend to allocate a day to do them all.
Having to meet BJ to pick up my "Bountiful Basket" I carried on southwest to go to 35th. ave Sew 'n Vac to purchase the binding for the Starry Nights panel. They had no "hot fix" crystals so on to "Michaels" where I found a limited supply, so after a couple more stops I ended up at "Hobby Lobby" [love that store] where I found the crystals and a couple of Christmas gifts!
Cannot show the gifts but here are the crystals.
I think these will bling up the wreath panel nicely, don't you? After church tomorrow I plan to bind and embellish it then move onto clue #2 of Grand Illusion.
DH is off to the Colorado house for a spot of skiing so I have more time for sewing, I do not cook while he is gone!


Celia Ambrose said...

I agree with you on the time factor for making this part. I would like to know what blog, or website link you found using this technique.
I was thinking a rectangle, with top and bottom square to sew and flip. Cut off the excess portion after sewing the diagonal seam from the square. Is this what you did? ( Thanks for sharing your photos. Looks great! Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Paula Clum said...

I also would like a link or directions if you would share more. With all I'm reading I'm dreading starting this clue!

LynCC said...

Yes, this week's clue is one that does have me wishing I were using single fabrics for each color. Going quite scrappy, though, particularly with my blacks and whites. So. . . I'll just be moseying my way through the old-fashioned technic of sewing them individually. :) Good thing I'm not intending to keep everything exactly on schedule! It's all cut out now, but today I'm FMQing, so piecing triangles to parallelograms has to wait until tomorrow.

Cactusneedle said...

I would absolutely opt for the fast method. Worth my time for a little waste. I also do all my errands at one go - I prefer staying home, so getting all the errands done in one day is great.