Monday, October 13, 2014

Champagne Brunch Engagement Celebration

The bride - to - be's surprise from her Mom.
A beautiful cake, delicious too!  Obviously her Mom is an expert cake decorator!
Are they deciding if the cake is too pretty to eat? 

But they did and we enjoyed every bite!
Sneaking in a smooch between visiting with guests.
We were blessed with perfect weather in the low 80's in our shady back yard.
I did say it's a shady yard!
 Parents of the bride-to be.
Nana, Aunt and Uncle.
 These three couples hang out together all the time, the other two couples are the reason JW and Yessenia know each other!
 The only pic I am in I think, with wife and parents of JW's BFF.
Everyone enjoyed the day, they played some Euchre and the last guests left around 7 pm after I fed them the last Mexican Chicken casserole and other left overs! Helped me to make some space in the refrigerator!
Now back to a normal life and hopefully some quilting although this week we have The Boy but not tomorrow it's Daddy's day off.


LynCC said...

Aw :) Happy times!

Andee said...

So excited for them! And for the boy!