Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finished For Friday

Finally, a quilty post if only bindings! But for some that is the hardest part so I should not diminish the procedure after all how can you use a quilt without a binding?!
Both the retreat quilts are done done and so added to the "For Sale" stash!
What next? I need to find DSM work, I have been struggling for a week with a very swollen painful knee, wearing the brace but getting no better. I saw my orthopod today and he thinks it's a flare up of the borderline RA, he aspirated a large amount of fluid and injected cortisone so I'm hoping for relief in a few days. Meantime I will go to the gym and work everything but the legs!
Maybe we just need to eat out……………
Here's Mr.Linky, what have you been working on this week? Progress to show?


Diane said...

Ross, consider seeing a Rhuematologist to be checked for a Gout flare and also the RA. An orthopod is not the right specialist. I feel for you and can identify completely. Try lots of fresh pineapple as well as the steroids until you can see the specialist..look for a doctor who has been honored by Castle-Connelly as one of the Best Doctors in America and who is singled out by other doctors for their own care or the care of their families.

Andee said...

Sorry you are having troubles! I have a ton of quilts I really need to get to you so I can get them back by Christmas..they are all loaded in my car! We plan to go hiking to South Mountain at 9 AM Sunday but most likely you will be at church when we are done. :) If you go to lunch on my end of town maybe we can stop by!

Heather said...

I enjoy doing the binding. I can make a final statement about the project. A nice tight binding that it filled with batting and neat corners. Your bindings look good,

I have some finishes this week and have added my linky.

Andee said...

Had a crazy thought...I want to gift all the folks who come to the mystery kickoff with something...what would you charge me to make identical quilt labels with the grand illusion info and the flower picture and maybe a pieced by and quilted by area for them to write the info on...just a crazy random idea...if too expensive or if you don't want to do it..I will check etsy...THANKS!