Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Finishes Addendum!

Another project we tackled this week a new pantry door!
 DH did the engineering I painted and added the lettering.
It looks pinkish but is white, however the walls there are Garnet so perhaps that makes the trim appear to have a pink tinge.
I love it, adds panache to my kitchen!
Below is the second bench cushion just completed, a good day's work so I am off to bed.


LynCC said...

I love your door!

joanne said...

Love the pantry door, what a great idea! Now if I only had a pantry! The cushion is so pretty too, all my favourite colours together. have a good weekend.

farmlady said...

How cute is that pantry door. I've always wanted a pantry with a door like that. I need a pantry to start with.LOL!
Guess what? I did some small quilts at Art Is You this year. Hand quilting. Yea... me. I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment since I don't quilt... at all. You should have seen me with needle in hand. Someone should have taken a picture.

Andee said...

Door looks great and goes with the rest of your fab kitchen!