Friday, June 13, 2014

Written In My Own Heart's Blood

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This week the latest novel was released from my absolute favorite historical novel writer ever, our own Arizona Native Diana Gabaldon. Unless you are able to find these books at your local library they are not free, but for Diana's global fans they are well worth the investment, they can be read over and over and never lose their ability to entertain.
 The eighth in the "Outlander" series, "Written In My Own Heart's Blood" has been long and anxiously awaited.  I have all eight on audiobook on my iPod, so meanwhile I have read and re-read or rather listened to the other seven books several times over. Lest you think this is a quick process Diana's "Outlander" series are quite substantial novels all running over forty hours listening time for each book.

They keep me most entertained at the gym and sometimes at the longarm and every time I hear them I discover facts I don't remember from other hearings.
Diana is one of those gifted authors who is able to transport one into events by sight, sound, touch and smell.  Her historical research and accuracy is amazing making it even more interesting to experience 18th. century life in Scotland, England, France and America including the tragedy of the Scottish Rising of 1745 and the War of Independence here in the USA. 
The entire series is made even more fascinating by the addition of time travel from the 20th.century back 200 years and Diana's medical research for the role of heroine Claire Fraser.

All of the above books are beautifully and artfully narrated by the very talented Davina Porter. "Narrated" seems to lack a great deal in describing Davina's linguistic ability which is really quite remarkable as she acts out the many accents and characters. Davina was the 2006 Audie Winner for Best Female Narrator for her performance of  Diana Gabaldon's "A Breath Of Snow And Ashes"
Diana has authored many other books including the "Lord John" series, featuring one of the characters from the "Outlander" books.
I highly recommend them all!

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