Saturday, June 21, 2014

Easy Kids Aprons

These two were fast to make- the little girl's apron is the same fabric as her Mom's.
These are for the Boston twins, our great niece and nephew.
You can use a FQ and just cut out the armhole, then I used that for the pocket even though the print runs sideways! Both are embroidered with their names, I do enjoy the embroidery machine for those special touches.
 Yesterday morning while I was dressing and The Boy was meant to be downstairs eating breakfast, he sneaked back up into my studio and managed to do some cutting, no wonder he says "I'm a sneaky boy"!  I usually make sure to put all the sharp things out of reach before he arrives but he's getting even taller and those long arms can reach further than before. He customized Daniel's apron with half a dozen slits in one side and cut one tie into three pieces! I added another strip to the shortened tie and ironed on a matching scrap of fabric to the back of the apron, stabilized the front with matching thread then embroidered "Love from Matthew" over the damaged area!
When life gives you lemons make lemonade - and his cousin will appreciate the humor I think!
Later I discovered that the cover for the embroidery machine had been "fringed" in the same episode as the apron event, I hope there's nothing more! I did not discover all of this until last night when The Boy had already gone home, however you can be certain that we shall have a wee conversation about it when I see him next week!

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Andee said...

Oh boy! What a memory but glad you made it work!