Tuesday, June 17, 2014

July Fourth Wall Hanging

This panel is made by Northcott, it came with 20 LED lights which I have not yet attached.
I purchased it from Missouri Star Quilt Company, but it looked too narrow to me, sort of unbalanced and I had HST's left from another project that, added to the sides gave it the extra pizzaz I wanted. Two layers of Quilter's Dream batting, the first for stability Dream Green, the top is Dream Wool which gives nice definition.
 The flag, sides and top and bottom borders are quilted with Superior So Fine neutral.
 The rest is thread painted with Superior silver metallic and what a great thread!
 All that quilting at regular speed, minimal tension adjustment and not once a broken thread! See the dimension the Dream wool gives to the flagpole.
And here is the label.
It will really sparkle after the lights are installed, so I will post one more pic then.

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Andee said...

It looks great! We are helping my parents move again this weekend...so maybe can meet up with you and get the quilts...will go up late Fri and home late Sat I think or early Sun..