Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ta Da!!

Final post on the Wedding Gown Quilt, linking up with Needlework Tuesday
From the original silk wedding gown……
Andrea's parents in 1960……..
to this! 
The memory quilt for Andrea's bed to help her to remember the love of her family.
With the addition of 37 vintage handkerchiefs belonging to Andrea's Mother and Grandmother, this ended up measuring about 66" x 86". The initial hankies with the "S" are her Mom's and those with "R" are her Grandmother's.
The finished quilt showing backing and binding.
I was honored to be entrusted with this project, these are precious items and I suspect that Andrea surrendered them to my keeping with some trepidation, especially for someone without knowledge of the process necessary to make the transformation from gown to quilt, she had to totally trust me! 
I hope that she will find it a blessing in her life.


Celia Ambrose said...

Ros, this is just stunning! So beautiful and what a loving memory quilt this is, and to be cherished for sure. Lovely quilting. Excellent work.

joanne said...

I agree..."stunning." I wish I would have kept so many things from my mother, all I have now are a few letters and an old dust fur coat. Any ideas?

Andee said...


Heather said...

this is lovely. Much better than keeping the dress in a box for decades on end. Mine is sitting waiting to be cut apart for a quilted wallhanging. I want to do pin tucks, pleats, embroidery etc. Suggest to Joanne that she can make or have made a teddy bear from the fur coat. I have heard of several women who have done that and made small bears so their sibblings could have them as well.

Cactusneedle said...

Absolutely beautiful!