Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A very Green YBR!

Linking with Needlework Tuesday
This an all batik quilt for a young man. 
 The quilting is Swirls design and the thread a light green so it doesn't show much in the pic.
Took much longer than I expected, this particular batik was causing skipped stitches and broken thread! It seemed to get worse the further I went, and I wasted a lot of time correcting the booboos! 
 I corrected all the usual sources of such issues, new needle, larger needle, new bobbin, silicon on the thread and thread paths, loosen the quilt sandwich and check for burrs but nothing seemed to help. By the very last couple of rows it was really persistent and I was getting very frustrated, so I tried two more things-backed way off on the speed and the upper tension. That seemed to do the trick, finally and I was able to get it done a short time ago.
Why didn't I do that before?
Tomorrow I will bind it and be happy to see it go home.
The Wedding Gown Quilt is on it's way and I have one more quilt to do before vacation next week. I think I can do this!

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Heather said...

very nice. I understand the frustration of fabric that just doesn't want to sew. I tried making dress pants for my son when he wss little. but I could just not sew the fabric. i tried all the things you suggested. even went back to the fabric store. One of the staff took some of the fabric home and she had trouble with it as well. They moved it to clearance. I did get the pants made eventually.