Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Truncating Your Blog

After reading about all the nasty places a blog post can show up after being trolled by one of the computer generated thieves, I decided to look into truncating my posts in future. After all, I do not want one of my posts to end up on a porno site or some other despicable website!
It's pretty simple and since I plan to begin doing this I hope that my fellow bloggers who visit my site will not find it an issue. I have encountered truncating, did not realize what it was but I had no issue with it and do not think it should turn off any readers but it does prevent the robot from copying the post.
It simply means that only the first paragraph of a new post will show on the home page and readers click at the end of the paragraph to see the remainder of the post.
Truncating is super simple for bloggers to do- place the cursor where you want to truncate the post then click on the "torn page" icon in the Blogger toolbar at the top of the page. A grey line break will appear on your working space and only the words above the line break will show on the home page with a "read more" in red below. Readers click on that [but the robots can't] and presto the rest of the post shows up. Like this……...

I noticed that the truncate does not show in preview, it only appears once you publish.
There are some easy instructions on the internet, I did a search and found plenty of sites with the above explanation, simplicity for sure!
 Another advantage is how much faster the blog loads, eliminating that annoying lag factor as you wait for everything to show up!
I am going to go back and truncate some of my previous posts, since it worked on this I see no reason to think it won't continue and perhaps other Bloggers will want to do the same to protect themselves from those internet thieves who use our stolen posts to generate money for themselves!

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