Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fabric Found!

Woohoo, look what came in the mail today……...

My good friend Loretta in Tucson came up with the missing fabric to complete the latest QOV,  enough even for binding. Thanks a million Loretta! She said as soon as she saw the blog post she knew she had that fabric and sent me a text message "is this it?" with a pic- Loretta had recently re-organized her stash and knew exactly where to lay her hands on this piece.

The selvedge says "2004", yikes it is well aged material and needs to be used up. I am all about rotating stock.
Carol, another friendly internet acquaintance told me she had a little of it that I was welcome to if desperate but Loretta saved the day with an entire yard.
Quilters are the best, and this week that QOV will be done, pics to follow by week's end I hope!

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