Saturday, April 12, 2014


Thanks to Loretta's gift of the blue fabric, this QOV is ready for the longarm. I did add an extra red border to enlarge it to be more man-sized, now it's 60" x 76". I haven't chosen a backing yet, may need to purchase one tomorrow so I can get this finished……….

I spent some time with my friend Meredith today, and she took me to Bob's Variety Store in Sun City. They have a nice selection of first quality quilt fabrics along with all kinds of other things you never knew you needed,LOL. I had no intentions of buying fabric but did find a few irresistible, including a nice red, white and blue stripe just perfect for the binding on this QOV- along with these other pieces!
I have a few appliance fabrics already, any ideas what I could do with all of them?
Don't you just love the red shoe piece I probably should have bought more! Now what can I make with that?
 We also spent some time at Shooter's World to do some target practice. Meredith had been looking for a hand gun, her family is fond of the sport, and she was having the same problems I did with automatics. Our family has always enjoyed target shooting and I had tried and rejected automatics finding them very unfriendly to my hands with all my joint issues. I finally settled on the Ruger SP101 and suggested to Meredith she might want to try it. She did and has decided on it for herself and we plan to meet regularly at the Range to practice, it's about halfway between our homes [we live an hour apart] and gives us a chance to visit, have lunch and maybe check out a quilt shop! The ladies at Bob's were chuckling about "gun toting quilters", I wonder if Annie Oakley was a quilter?

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