Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Re:Theft of Personal Website Content!

I got a "heads up" this morning from Heather over at Books and Quilts that another website had stolen the full content of my last blog post without my permission and without linking back. It has happened to countless others so I contacted abuse@godaddy to report the violation and I also plan to notify Wordpress of the issue.
It is not uncommon on the web but this site is flagrantly reposting the entire content and doing so habitually.
A little further investigation revealed outraged comments from many of the offended bloggers, one of whom Alison, at Little Bunny Quilts, posted a copy of the complaint she sent to GoDaddy and has invited other "victims" to use the letter.
When I tried to return to the site it had already been removed, thanks GoDaddy for a lightning fast response!
So you see it does pay sometimes to report copyright infringements, especially when working with a top notch company like GoDaddy.

Gentle Reminder: it is courteous always to link back to the site whenever one references any material from another person, and posting content from another site should always be prefaced by a request to the site owner for permission….just sayin'!
Most bloggers love to have their posts recognized and referenced by another blogger, it is a compliment, but it is simply respectful to give credit to the originator.

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Kim said...

I did both this morning. I wrote on Wordpress' FB page.