Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Saturday I went to Meredith's to sew and began work on these blocks.
 Somehow in spite of double-checking before cutting, I managed to goof it up and had to cut a whole lot more rectangles to be able to use those already cut! This will now either be two medium or one very large quilt! I think I have around 140 blocks, 6"x7.5".
Deciding on rectangles rather than squares made things way more complicated than necessary and in hindsight I should have simply stayed with HST's. You do know that hindsight is 20/20, LOL.
The pattern I decided to use for a basis was published in Fons And Porter, March/April 2008 by Karla Alexander .
It is the same design I used for the recent pink and brown quilt on my blog here, but will not look anything like it as you can see the fabrics in these newest blocks are monotones.
Sunday BJ and her friend Jacki came to sew and we were delighted to have Lauren too after quite a long spell, most weekends she is busy helping out at her parents with her invalid Dad.
We took a short break to eat at Einstein's and then stopped by "Quiltz" to take advantage of their coupon for 35% off and each of us managed to find something we "needed", then it was back to the "sweatshop"!
Lauren brought this top made for her Dad that I am to quilt. She used CW style repros. and we all agreed that it turned out just great and a perfect masculine quilt
 Last week was quite productive for me, in addition to the tops I quilted, these four below are bound and now off the UFO list! Trying to keep the list down to one or two, I get terribly uncomfortable if there are too many incomplete projects!


Linda said...

I would SO love to find a sewing group closeby - I have even responded to a "meet-up" group here looking for people, and can get no response. We are in an area where people are simply too busy I guess. ***sigh*** I love what you do, and getting together makes everything so much better.

LynCC said...

I need a sewing group! That looks like too much fun. :)

farmlady said...

You are so motivated. I would think that you inspire all of these folks around you.
Love the quilts. Can't wait to see the blue one all together.