Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lauren's Quilt For Her Dad

Lauren's quilt was 90% finished on Tuesday when I ran out of thread.
  So another cone of Superior So Fine #402 had to be ordered from Sewthankful in NM, they are so very helpful and prompt and I love dealing with a small family company like this. The service is always exceptional, these companies keep our nation's retail engines going. The thread arrived yesterday, and this afternoon I was able to finish the last 12" or so of the quilting.
 Lauren decided that she wanted overall feathers, and they do compliment the quilt's simple construction.

The backing is the same fabric as on the front.
That's all I was able to accomplish for the week due to that fact that right after I ran out of thread my back gave out and the rest of the week saw me laying flat in bed. Unfortunately there's not much else to be done for my "severe spinal stenosis" until I can get into the neurosurgeon late next month, we have tried every other less invasive treatment.

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Linda said...

The quilt is beautiful - so sorry you are still in pain. Hope the visit to the neurosurgeon is successful!