Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Craftsy BOM

Craftsy BOM for this month are stars and here are mine. For once I am ahead of the game!
Trying to use up a lot of batik scraps, by year's end there will be enough blocks for a queen size quilt. I am really loving the contrast in these batiks, it will be a very bright quilt!
 Some months I have done extra blocks, as in last month I got carried away and made several Dresden Plate blocks and have enough pieces cut for another couple. One month I skipped totally because it was English paper piecing and I avoid handwork like the plague!
 Went to lunch with an Aussie friend just back from DownUnder, she had brought me back a big new jar of Veggie, 600gms.[ that's 21 ozs.]  I was getting perilously low!
We ate at Pita Jungle, wonderful food,  Ahi Tuna and hummus, yummy.
Notice that Kraft Australia are sponsors of the Aussie Olympic Team. Australia was #10 in the medals winners, not bad for a country of about 22 million only 58th. in the world population wise. Pretty athletic lot, the Aussies! Did you know that Aus ranks #5 in the world for beer drinkers and also # 5 in longevity, wonder if there's any correlation, LOL.
Sue and I chatted for a couple of hours and caught up on the news from our families in Aus and here then checked out Bernina Connection for their new quilting supplies and I found a batik on the sale rack that came home with me.  
My stash never seems to have enough lights and with three batik quilts in progress at present this piece will be a nice addition to the collection.


Linda said...

I like that batik - I have a similar piece that I have used a time or 2 for piecing...I did one pinwheel quilt top, and matching those corners nearly drove me mad!

Reddirt Woman said...

That batik is beautiful, it almost dances. You should have much fun that. Love the stars but that blue block is very crisp and striking.

I understand that Vegemite is an acquired taste. I've never seen, much less tried it, but for a friend to think to bring you some to replenish all the way from OZ is a testament of your friendship!

Hugs and wishes for a good weekend. And I agree that Aussies are very good athletes.