Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, Almost- Spring!

Here's another of those scrappy quilts for a wounded warrior made by Nancy from the CO. San Juan Quilt Guild. Nancy is primary caregiver for her DH so she spends a lot of time at home and fills her days with sewing.

It's quilted with a red thread in the fast freehand peacock feathers.......

and the backing is that lovely soft brushed cotton from P. and B. Textiles-I think I may have just enough left from that bolt to back another of these quilts from Nancy that I plan to quilt as soon as I finish this post!

Yesterday there were three AZ Huggy bunch quilters here with me, BJ, Lauren and Alissa, but I did not take even one photo! I was a little rushed, we had friends over for dinner last evening so I had some food prep. to do.

After our friends came we sat outside for an hour enjoying pre-dinner food and drink and you can see that the patio/backyard has really come along this week.

I actually over bought a little on the annuals so they are sprinkled around in other pots as well as in the center area..........

which is a little memorial garden for our son Matthew.

The weather is beautiful right now, so we are going to enjoy every moment we can outdoors before the overbearing AZ heat sets in.

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