Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early Hours Of Wednesday

So it's 1.48 a.m. here in AZ and unfortunately the three epidural shots I had yesterday are keeping me awake! Steroids can do that and I did have three yesterday instead of the usual one.
After laying in bed awake for nearly 3 hours I decided to see if a cup of herb tea and some crackers would help to make me sleepy! So far it isn't working............
There are a few more pics I can post of the other two QOV's I LA'ed this past week so I have an excuse to sit at the computer.

The scrappy RW and Blue top that the AZ Huggy Bunch pieced a few months ago...

quilted with a stars and stripes panto in blue thread.

The backing is a patriotic fabric too.

This looks familiar because it's the identical design to the scrappy one I quilted last week and made by Nancy in Montrose.

For this one I used a blue thread.....

and the backing is blue also.

I had plenty of this fabric so all three will be bound with the same, there are quite a few yards of binding prepped here all ready to sew, maybe tomorrow!

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farmlady said...

The quilts are wonderful. I love the patriotic ones.
Can't you take some "sleepy" medicine so you can get some sleep. I didn't know that steroids keep you awake, but you could try some TylenolPM or something to help you sleep. You need sleep. Lack of it causes other ailments.
Take care...