Saturday, February 4, 2012

AZ Huggy Bunch

Three of us gathered to sew and one to observe! Lauren was ill and Alissa AWOL, we know not where!

This is BJ's "ta da", her blocks for Orca Bay are all done, and today she worked on the pieced borders. I love this Bonnie Hunter mystery but I was way too busy in December to attempt it.

Andee is still working on hers, this is her progress to date. She had a little glitch that required a teeny bit of un-sewing and re-sewing in 58 blocks! Argh!

BJ sent me to a website Craftsy Block Of the Month that looked fast and fun, and I decided to join in. Today I made the two blocks for January.....

and also the two for February. Each month there will be two new blocks with a different technique, I think March is paper piecing. Most competent quilters will be very familiar with most of these blocks, so it will be easy and fast for them but good lessons for newer quilters.
My batiks are coming out of the dark and into the light for this quilt, so it will have a plethora of colors across the spectrum and I will finally be able to produce a batik quilt top. Until now I have used batiks only randomly mixed in with regular cotton quilt fabrics.

I took just one pic of one of the four blocks BJ has made, I think it's called the "Balkan Puzzle"

This odd looking object is to hold all those bags we save for recycling -my old one was sad looking and the elastic was worn out so I decided to use up some odd fabric for a new one. It took about half a yard, sewed into a long tube with elastic in one end to hold the bags in but allowing them to be pulled out the bottom.
I also managed to sew up backing for two more flimsies that I hope to quilt this week.

BJ arrived with this adorable bag she had made for me, stuffed with an assortment of lovely birthday gifts. I have never had a shopping bag this cute so it will stay on the front seat of my car ready for use. I try to avoid using store plastic bags as much as possible and have quite a few canvas bags but nothing nearly this pretty.

These yummy fabrics were in the bag, the yellow one on the right has little chickies [peeps] all over it.

There was also a pattern for applique animals including a giraffe; I have been searching for a giraffe for another quilt for DGS Matthew, yes I know he has several quilts already but he's got a quilter for a GM ................
There are adorable pins with buttons for their heads [in honor of Button the dog?] and -not shown-some chocolate chai tea I plan to try tomorrow.
Thank you my friend for this birthday goodie bag!
Tomorrow is SuperBowl but as I am no fan of football, perhaps I will get in some more sewing or quilting. DH has earphones...........


momto8 said...

your quilts are just soo lovely!! they are works of art.

LynCC said...

The Craftsy BOM looks fun!