Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Huggy Bunch Quilting

BJ and Lauren came to sew with me yesterday.

Lauren has been working to complete this quilt to donate to the auction for kids with cancer, and she has to have it in by Tuesday. Her DH assisted with the quilting on her Brother DSM, & together they did a great job, it should bring in a nice sum for the cause.

Matthew loved it, he loves quilts [good thing GM is a quilter] and will take every quilt he sees, throw them all down and launch himself onto them! He then rolls up in them until he disappears from sight, such a funny little fellow! Here he looks as if he is settling down for a nap.

After you take his picture he is always anxious to see it!

BJ is putting together some UFO exchange blocks from a couple of years ago, here is a good start.

As for me I am pleased to say I bound the two quilts above, now I can cross them off the list! Only about a dozen more to LA and bind and I have 10 and 1/2 months before the year is out, but I will be making more flimsies along the way!


Andee said...

Sorry I missed it! DJ is going to go to the sand dunes next weekend and pretty sure I have decided to stay home so if you guys are sewing I may be all alone and up for it! Otherwise I will be sewing home alone in my jammies! Everyone's progress looks good!

Roslyn said...

We will be here, y'all come!