Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day, And A Little Sewing

On Saturday three of the AZ Huggy Bunch signed up for the Civil War HST. swap at The Olde World Quilt Shop. It's the first time I have participated in a swap, so I am excited to see the variety of fabrics we will receive. BJ came today for a while and we sewed on this project.

The swap is based on the CW quilts in this book by Edyta Sitar.

We are all using these HST papers to ensure accuracy across the board with dozens of quilters participating in the swap with their different machines.

This is how it looks once the triangles are sewn, it's a fast and precise way to get perfect blocks.

Three of my sets all cut.

And three of my little 2" HST's. Obviously with 2" blocks it will take a great many to make a quilt, so the three of us AZ HG's have decided to do our own swap until we have enough. We each have different fabrics in our Civil War fabric stashes so we'll gets lots more variety and at $4.75 for each packet in the swap that provides only 28 of these 2" HST's, we could see we would have to spend a lot of money to get an entire quilt when we have plenty of our own fabrics to use.

BJ's Orca Bay quilt was off the LA so she laid it out for a photo op, isn't it gorgeous? Young Matthew and the dogs decided to get in on the picture- the all red Aussie Terrier in the bottom rt. is Tiki, a friend's dog that I care for when my friend is out of town. Tiki is a much larger dog than Button, weighs about twice as much actually!

This is the terrific whale theme fabric that BJ found for backing, and for next to nothing at Goodwill! Any time there's a quilt on the floor Matthew thinks it must be naptime!

The quilting is a white thread, SF and BL, and I used a whale pantograph called "Whales Everywhere" by Dave Hudson. Kind of hard to see the quilting from a distance, but this is the panto.

Here Matthew takes possession of BJ's quilt, one of his own quilts, and Button's quilt!

He was quite determined to stay in possession of all three quilts, and finally BJ had to bundle up Orca Bay very quickly and run for the door- followed by an indignant child! She made her get- away though, quilt in hand!
BJ says I have to make an Orca Bay quilt for Matthew.......

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Cheryl Willis said...

your quilt design is so cute, my top is still a flimsy! cw