Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Quilting Report

Huggy Bunch met here Saturday, BJ, Lauren and I sewed and visited and shared lunch.

It's a good idea I have found, to sew simple things when you are chatting and can be distracted, so I looked for some easy projects for HB and found orphan blocks that needed to be made into tops. The log cabin blocks above are those left from the KS quilt I gifted to my SIL [picture here]
I am not sure if it will get a border because I don't have sufficient of any of the fabrics.

The other project I worked on is a collection of 6.5" squares left from a long-ago quilt, long since sold! You can see I got as far as two of the stop borders,

and this will probably be the final border.
Now I have two more child/baby quilt tops that will join my collection of un-quilted tops, sigh, therefore upping the ante on my self-proclaimed 2012 goal to quilt all of my flimsies! I guess I need to count them and put the total on the side bar so that there will be accountability!
But enough of my projects.

Lauren is working on construction of four scrap quilts from clothing, mostly denim, using the pockets zippers and everything possible. Above are a few of the 100 or so blocks she has so far.

BJ worked on her Orca Bay quilt and you can see from the blocks above how far she has advanced, almost ready to sew the blocks into a top. I can't wait to see the finished quilt, I will probably get to quilt it so I will have vicarious pleasure since I wasn't able to do Bonnie's mystery this time.
A few weeks ago I showed the finished commission quilt, now I can say who it was for, didn't want to let the cat out of the bag and purchance spoil the surprise for Helen's sister Sue.
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Here she is receiving her gift, which was a huge surprise.

Helen and I are both very pleased that Sue is thrilled with it and that it fits right into her plans to refresh her bedroom.


farmlady said...

That first quilt is such a pretty color and it's got an interesting pattern.
What a surprise that last quilt was for your friend's sister. She must be very happy with it.

Reddirt Woman said...

Ros, I still can not thank you enough for your creativity and skill at putting my sis's quilt together. We are both still so excited about it and she is enjoying showing it to her family and friends as they stop in for visits. It continues to be on her bed on her comforter where she can see it, touch it and be comforted by it every night. I will get better pictures to share with you soon...

Many grateful hugs!!!