Thursday, January 26, 2012

Andee's Latest Schnibbles

Today, January 26th. is Australia Day, so G'day mates!
I had some Vegemite this afternoon with a nice cuppa!

Andee has been waiting patiently for this, I usually don't take so long to get to her quilts but life has been a bit unusual the past month.
A soft white thread seemed best, and some feather wreaths with Line Dancing for the little houses.
Next I need to complete a baby quilt for a little boy, and perhaps I can get to finish a few of my own flimsies then.


Andee said...

YIPEEE! Thanks Ros!

Reddirt Woman said...

Since your kitchen is finished maybe your life will settle back into a more normal routine and then you can play catch up on your quilting! Love Andee's remark... shows how much people love what you do!


momto8 said...

you will have to find somewhere to display your beautiful quilts in your new beautiful kitchen!!