Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shop Hop Day Two

Yesterday was the final day for Shop Hop Phoenix. Four of us set out from my house and went first to Quiltz, just five minutes down the road. Lauren arrived safely, excited and prepared to enjoy her first experience of this nature.

Thence to The Olde Worlde Quilt Shop on Cave Creek Rd., lots and lots of fabric here, and a plentiful supply of Lauren's favorites the Civil War Replicas, so many in fact she had difficulty choosing.

The furthest away from us on the west side was In Stitches, where we were joined by Andee and her chauffeur, DJ.

Here they demoed a cool tool to make the quilt blocks behind us very easily, Andee is currently tackling a similar block so it was of great interest to her.
From there we visited Bearly Stitchin and by this time lunch was on our minds so we stopped at a nearby Wildflower where I usually love the food, but perhaps my taste buds were hampered by my URTI because my portabella mushroom sandwich lacked flavor.
Quilter's Bee was the next store, BJ's "home store", closest to her house, and then SunValley Quilts where we turned in our "passports" all duly stamped except for Lauren's, whose accident last week cause her to miss all the east valley stores. Bummer! The fabric care package was some consolation for her!

Finally this last stop at Arizona Quilts where Andee went a little wild at the sale rack and where even with coffee and refreshments we were all rather drained, brain and body weary and just plain exhausted. Somehow we all managed to put a smile on for this photo op. with tiaras still in place to show how much we enjoyed the day! Or perhaps it is simply our joy at having survived visiting another seven quilt shops in one day!
I failed to get pics of everyone's purchases, perhaps next time I'll be more organized but no doubt pics will show up on FB or Andee's blog.
I came home and pretty much collapsed. After some chicken soup I was still feeling horrid so I checked my temp, right around 100, don't have my voice back yet, still coughing, yikes, guess I have the creeping crud! No way I will be keeping the little Tin Hat Man tomorrow, just when he is feeling better.
This morning DH went off to church without me and I am taking meds and hoping to feel better soon.


Coloradolady said...

Hope you feel better soon too Ros! Looks like you girls had a really fun day....nothing better than quilt shops and friends!

jojo said...

wow, sounds like such a fun time! I don't even sew but I love fabric stores...I get carried away and think I can sew!

So relieved that Tin Hat boy is feeling so much better. Now take care of you and send that creeping crud on it's way.