Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Sewing

BJ and I sewed a bit today. We got the label made for her "Butterflies and Bumblebees " quilt, I forgot to take a pic but I will when I see the quilt again!
The two HOB quilts below for the young sons of a Fallen Hero, Justin McNeley, received labels today.

I did not make either of these quilts, they were sent to me by quilt guilds in CO. all ready to receive their labels. I am so grateful for the generous amount of help from CO. quilt guilds in this mission, many, many tops and quite a few completed quilts like these.

It's especially wonderful when they come all finished and I don't have to quilt them!
I will mail them out to the boys next week.
We also went to visit a new [to me] quilt shop, "Arizona Quilts". They were having a first anniversary celebration with cake and other refreshments, lots of sales and hourly door prizes. And was I surprised and delighted to be the recipient of one of the lovely hourly give-aways!

This adorable shoe, that will become a very cute pincushion, and five Moda FQ's perfect for a little boy's quilt. They will come in handy as many baby quilts as I make, nine so far this year.

Having recently received a commission to make one of my Resurrection design quilts in lap size and in specific colors, I am on the look out for a few fabrics to add to what I have in stash.

The two above will be good additions for that quilt I think, so no guilt in purchasing them and at 20% off it was a good time to buy. The pics were taken without flash so the colors aren't quite as bright as in real life.

As much as I love to make watercolor quilts I am always drawn to the florals that are so necessary for this design, and the two below were irresistible especially at 20% off.

This one will work well for the cross in some of the Resurrection quilts and also for borders so I bought two yards.

The larger print looks three dimensional and will not show up as well cut into 2" pieces so I am not sure how I will use it but it's gorgeous eye candy for a quilter! Perhaps it can become the centerpiece for a quilt.
I suspect that I am so attracted to these fabrics and the watercolor style partly because my Mum loved them; Mum was a master gardener who knew the botanical names of just about every flower, tree and bush and would much prefer to labor at her gardening than do anything else! Perhaps God has her hard at work in His Heavenly garden.

And last a very sweet panel- for no project in particular, but just because it is lovely [and on sale!]. Were my dear Mum still alive I would make it into a quilt for her.

If you have the opportunity please do yourself a favor and visit this shop - click here for their website. The ladies there are so very nice, friendly and super helpful and the shop is bright, well organized and stocks a very wide selection. There is definitely something for every quilter in that store. Unfortunately it isn't on the Phoenix area Shop Hop list later this month but they will be offering all kinds of special enticements during that time so stop in and check it out while you are out shop hopping!
Then head on over to 67th. avenue and have lunch at Babbo's, yum yum!

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