Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Week's Quilting

The two Seuss quilts below are now ready to return to the piecer.
Both have the Dr Seuss backing, the first uses red thread because I chose to quilt the blocks and borders separately. The red stop border has titles of different Dr.Seuss books written there.
Using Hobbs 80/20 batting gives a little more definition, I have been using it a lot more recently and I like the lighter weight too. The weight is of particular concern on king and queen sized quilts, they can become real heavy weights!
This one is about 74" square.
Close up of the blocks, showing the "puffier" look of the Hobbs batt.
Dr. Seuss backing.

This Seuss quilt got freehand peacock feathers in white thread.
The Quilter's Dream batting is a firmer product so the quilting isn't as well defined.

Another of Leslie's tops is going back to her next week. I started out quilting freehand cherry blossom in the body of the quilt but quickly saw that I would struggle to see where I had quilted, so out came a panto! It looks appropriate for the design and certainly easier for me not to have to strain to see the thread path.

The border is quilted with freehand gingko leaves, the only place where the quilting
really shows.

BJ and I were the only ones from AZ Huggy Bunch to sew today, this was her progress on joining blocks of a UFO.
My effort was to combine the blocks we made for our group QOV and prep the backing so it's now ready for me to quilt.

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LynCC said...

Differences in batting are amazing, aren't they? Thank you for sharing your experiences such as not being able to see easily enough for free-hand versus panto quilting. These little tidbits are welcome to those of us who are just venturing into machine quilting.