Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ann's Sampler

No posts for over a week, sad, I have been laid low with a virus that segued into an asthma episode and asthmatic bronchitis. Still have the cough and some wheezing even on the steroids and the terribly windy weather today here is kicking up all the stuff that makes me wheeze! But I managed to get through this quilt taking it a little at a time! I simply cannot do nothing, not in my DNA!

This lovely and rather large quilt, 92x102", is custom quilted.
Sorry about the sofa back , the quilt was too large to avoid it!

Hannah helped her sister Ann from FLA. to construct it while Ann was visiting Hannah during surgery recovery.

Lots of feathers here and there and in the borders, that seems to be my default quilting these days!

The thread is Signature 100% cotton in cream on the top and a slightly darker shade more tan, in the bobbin.

The batting is Hobbs, a lighter choice for the FLA. weather and a bit more definition.

Backing is a tone on tone Moda wide back.

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Gari said...

The quilting is great, especially since you have been ill. My DIL lives in Colorado Springs and, until it snowed today, was suffering with allergies. Get well soon.