Friday, September 23, 2011

Finished For Friday, Andee's Christmas Sampler Quilt

Andee's Christmas Sampler
Isn't it a beauty?

The quilting is hard to see in pics but nicely subtle in reality, using the beautiful Superior Rainbows thread that sews so nicely in my A-1 machine.
I happened to have the perfect variegated thread for this quilt it seems to have been made for it.
Every block is custom quilted to suit the piecing...........

but in a sampler quilt I think it's important not to distract from the piecing and to follow some kind of theme block to block.

The borders have two rows of simple, graceful, feathers..............

shown here perhaps a little better on the backing.
I love the red binding that frames the quilt.
Currently my house is in turmoil, partly due to the remediation of the leak upstairs in the laundry that also flooded the kitchen. So while the kitchen ceiling was open DH took the opportunity to add a half dozen can lights, it's like daylight in there now! We had intended to rehab the kitchen this fall so we might as well go ahead with that now.
Meantime the laundry is still disrupted, appliances in the loft while DH tiles the floor there. I hope by Monday I can do laundry again!
I will post pics of the renovated kitchen whenever it is finished!
Meantime I have come down with a nasty URTI, thanks probably to #3DGS, laryngitis, painful coughing etc. Yuck. And tomorrow is our second shop hop day, I am going, I will not breathe on anyone, LOL!


Coloradolady said...

Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your shop hop. I love that quilt, very pretty!!

Greta said...

I really love this quilt. Did you design the blocks yourself? Or did you follow a pattern? My mom and I are planning to make matching Holiday Quilts for my brother and sister in law but have been a little stumped on a pattern we think they would both like. I think I would like to incorporate a few of these blocks.