Friday, March 27, 2009

Snowy Day And A Quilt Class

We have had snow every day since Sunday up here.

We awoke this morning to about a foot or more of new snow outside & DH agreed to drive me the nearly 35 miles into Montrose [the main roads were plowed but still scary for this Aussie raised woman] & even though DH said I would have been fine I could not help but notice how sedately he drove as did everyone else we saw about 20-30 MPH under the speed limit & I was very grateful to be chauffeured.
I had signed up to take a quilt class with Brenda Henning of BearPaw Productions, from Anchorage [in the beautiful state of Alaska] & I actually accused Brenda of bringing the weather system with her but this she firmly denied!

We followed the snowplow out for almost the first mile from the house & I can't even imagine how low the temperature went during the night but as you can see from the temp. gauge in the car, the horses must have been cold! Yep, that would be a balmy five degrees! Brrrrrrrrr.
The class was terrific, Brenda is a great teacher, talented designer & an all around great lady.
I would recommend her classes to any guilds considering inviting a guest teacher. Brenda is on the rt. here with our wonderful event organizer Gale, & behind them the quilt design we learned today called "Fireworks". This is a "color wash" design based on "quarter square triangles set with plain squares to create an explosion of color - like fireworks!"

I asked Brenda to autograph my book purchases, they are even more of a treasure with the author's signature of course!
The "I'd rather be quilting " apron I won as a door prize, woohoo! Now if only I had the presence of mind to ask everyone to sign it, duh, hindsight!
I had not chosen any suitable fabrics for the class so I used Gale's while she was busy keeping us all supplied with food & whatever else we all needed [chocolate] & now she has a bit of a start on her version of this quilt.This is how it looked at the end of the class when I had completed the blocks for the first four colors. I think it will be stunning & I can't wait to see how it will look when Gale adds the next 4 rows.

When I get back to Phx. I plan to pull out all my batiks & choose those I want to use for my Fireworks quilt but it will have to remain a project for the future until I complete a couple of other quilts that I currently have in progress!


GARI said...

This looks like a beautiful quilt: I will have to look for the pattern.

Khris said...

Ohh Roslyn the snow looks gorgeous...I am so envious...wish we got snow the piccie of you and your apron...nice prize. Hope the hand is doing better for you...hugs Khris

Dionne said...

What a lovely quilt, it looks like such a fun day! I think I could do without the snow though.

Elaine Adair said...

The horses in the snow/woods is extremely interesting/arty/graphic ... I've seen some attempts at painting that vision.

Love LOOKING at the snow, but not HAVING it. 8-))