Saturday, March 14, 2009

Esther's Asian Quilt

I got two quilts off the LA today,this is Esther's Asian quilt, a small wall hanging for her grandson at college.

After quite some uncertainty I decided to quilt a circular motif with four cranes around a petal -like image in the middle of the quilt & bamboo straight up and down on the rest.

I used red thread & it's hard to see the quilting, especially on the red fish backing!

If you look closely you may be able to see the cranes surrounding the center of the motif, especially in the top left corner.
My conclusion is that I might as well not have bothered with the motif, it's barely recognizable, & I had hoped it would show up better but at least I tried to make it special. Oh well, lesson learned!
The other quilt was a single bed size which ended up a little short on the backing, I had thought I could squeak it out but not! So I had to take it off the LA, add a few inches to the last side & remount & finish the last 18" of the quilt. I forgot to take a photo, it was stripes of black ,blues & green batiks & I just quilted the freehand peacock feathers in a turquoise thread. It turned out well I think & maybe I can get the owner to send me a pic. once it is bound.
This morning I am going to the AZ quilter's Guild show in Mesa, meeting friend Loretta from Tucson so that will be a fun day to soak up lots of quilting eye candy! Perhaps I'll remember to take the camera & get some photos.
Oh, and today until midnight is the last chance to sign up for my Koala quilt give away, Sunday I will put all the names into a bucket & DH will pick one out. I had better get busy later & make a label for it.
Scroll back about ?4 posts to sign up!


Suze said...

Two finished....... Wow. I am impressed. The Oriental quilt turned out well. Anything that adds to our store of knowledge is worth the effort.

Kucki68 said...

What a lovely use of the Asian fabrics. The half squares are fun!