Saturday, March 21, 2009

UFO Number 8 For 2009

We drove up to our CO. mountain home on Wednesday after I was cleared by my Mayo surgeon to leave town. There isn't much snow left around the house & the roads are mostly dry, just a patch of mud here & there.
Tuesday before we left Phx. I quilted the Old Tobacco Road scrap mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. It is a "kitchen sink" scrap quilt & has turned out quite large, 80"x102", and it's busy so I decided to do a leaf panto because I knew I'd have problems seeing where I had quilted no matter what color thread & I also knew nothing I quilted would show up well. I used a Signature green/gold variegated .

I had to scrap the backing too, I am trying to use stash whenever possible. I bound it Thursday & it is done, done & I am pleased to have it off my list! I just counted up my UFO's finished for the year & they total 8! At this rate I will have a great year for clearing out UFO's & then I can begin on my PIGs [Projects In Grocery Sacks] I need to find another acronym for my PIGs because mine are actually all nicely organized in clear lucite boxes along with their patterns! maybe PIBs!
Just an FYI of trivia, friend Loretta informed me that Un-Finished Objects are also called COPS i.e. Creative Ongoing Projects & if you give them away or never finish then they become COPOUTS! I have a problem with that though because to my mind UFO's are mostly abandoned or forgotten projects!
I have no idea what I will do with this OTR quilt, too large for a QOV, & it is my least favorite of the mysteries so far but no doubt it will eventually find a home! I think the colors are just not me, I have almost no brown in my stash apart from a couple of CW repros I use for the HOB quilts & one or two Buggy Barn fabrics I purchased to team with double pinks for a PIG.

Yesterday evening I put together this 48" square Scrap Twist, also a Bonnie Hunter design with some leftovers from baby Matthew's crib quilt & a few more bits & pieces of B&W plus a pale green that his nursery walls are painted.
This "Twist" quilt goes together super fast from 2.5" strips, made into 8" blocks. I have more white Minkee for the back & it will be quilted as soon as we return to Phx. the end of the month.
DH saw it this morning & said "wow that is busy" and he is right, LOL! Now I am thinking I should have subbed some of the busy prints for a W on W like this beauty from Marcus Brothers .
I have a better pic on my camera which I left behind in Phx. but if anyone recognizes this fabric & knows a QS that has some PLEASE let me know & I will probably purchase the entire bolt! On the selvage is written "Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics", the company info is "R18 Elements, #N577-146W" & perhaps you can see from the above pic. it is a small [maybe 1/2" ] all- over gingko leaf.
I contacted Marcus & they tell me it is discontinued so my only hope is to find a store that still has some in stock. I have searched the 'net diligently without success & next I will post it on "Missing Fabrics" website.
PS: The little Koala quilt is on it's way to Pat Brammer whose name DH drew out of the basket.


GARI said...

You need to stop finishing UFOs. You are making me look bad!

Elaine Adair said...

Signature variegated green/gold is what I'm using for my DD, only it is King Tut variegated green/gold or another spool of King Tut variegated gold/green. (I used to just glaze over when I read these words, now I actually understand them!)

Hope we get to see the finished/partly quilted project! I'll be watching for your specific quilting pattern.

Jackie said...

I love the mountain beautiful.

The quilts are great!