Saturday, March 7, 2009

Koalas In The Window

That's what I have named the little quilt I am giving away, you can see it on the previous post.
I spent most of the past week in hospital so I missed VTT & everything else & I am so glad to be home though it's very frustrating to try & do everything with only one hand & sewing.........well, I haven't tried that-yet- but I probably will! A week in the hospital doesn't leave much of interest to blog so my contribution this week is very simple!
In keeping with my efforts to raise awareness to the desolation left behind from the bush-fires in the state of Victoria, Australia, I took a stroll around our home & snapped a few pics of some of the collection of Australiana & here is a peek at just a few of them.
I left out the Vegie[Vegemite] I know I know y'all just don't get it! But I have to keep reminding you about it, it's so good for you! Guess I could have included the Golden Syrup, now there's another item no Aussie home should be without!

See these little guys, they hang out in my kitchen......they aren't much help with the cooking , not exactly gourmands as they dine exclusively on Eucalyptus leaves & if you ever have a chance to get up close & personal with one of them your nose will tell you what they eat!

and these hang out upstairs in the loft.......
this koala has a wombat for a friend, Wolly Wombat is made from 100% Australian woollen fabric & stuffing & you can see my lovely Jaffa's [I am rationing them until I can get some more in May!]
All of these & more, keep me company in my sewing studio, there's another little wombat in front with the koalas....see the big koala with a flag has a baby on her back. Both marsupials, wombats & koalas have another thing in common, their pouches open backwards to prevent debris from injuring the infants when the animals are digging in the case of the wombats or for the koalas just moving around on the ground.
Here is a lone red kangaroo with a joey in her pocket & a couple of boomerangs..........
and a butcher bird & a kookaburra with more Jaffas! These two cheeky cuddly chaps actually make very realistic bird calls, they make me long for a bit of a walk in the Aussie bush.


Janet, said...

Oh my, you have lots of koalas! They are so very cute.

Jewelgirl said...

Wishing you well and I am glad you enjoyed
my Vintage Thingie Thursday! :) Jewelgirl