Sunday, November 9, 2008


I wanted to show the party favors from the birthday celebration. It was held at a new restaurant called "Liberty Market " . Food was very nice, a really good red Aussie wine & the espresso coffee was excellent, strong but not bitter must be Joe's refurbished antique espresso machine.
We came home with a couple of party favors, a box of the gourmet cookies[yum yum] & a bicycle horn each! Our hosts are both serious cyclists, so it was very appropo! We may have been a wee bit disruptive to the other diners [sorry folks] all tooting our horns last night
I have put my horn in my ML & plan to use it when road rage overtakes me, lol!

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creativedawn said...

lol...hahaha.... that horn is a good idea for the road rage...sorry but that is soooo funny...still lol! Thank you for your kind words....I like Suzy's quilt! Those cookies look yummy....that is about all that I The horn is all the "rage"...