Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday update-My Quilter's Cabinet is here!

I have to brag about my new Quilter's Cabinet from Tracey's Tables that is now installed in my studio -I actually moved the bureau a foot or more to allow access to open that gate leg flap along the front of the table whenever I need it & I tried it out yesterday by seaming the fabric for a new comforter for our guest room. This project now has a time constraint as our guest room will be occupied over Thanksgiving by my SB friend Khris & DH Glen from Adelaide[Aus] who will be with us for a few days on their 12 week US tour. The guest room comforter has been a UFO for over a year so now that I have a deadline I will get it finished! The fabric is a jacquard that matches the drapes in the room & I plan to use a medium fluffy poly batting & an open feather design. I think-I hope- I can at least get it off the LA today because I should have a few more client quilts coming in that will need fairly immediate attention.
This new cabinet opens to a wonderfully large 80"x42" to accommodate large projects, piecing a whole quilt or binding. It has an 80" side that extends with gate legs, a hinged piece on the left side & very handy "bread board" pull out also on the left of the machine.

I had to struggle with the old table both the corner shape & size were very limiting so I did quite a lot of research in order to purchase this model. Tracey's Tables was highly recommended by my friend Leslie & rightfully so. It is beautifully made to order & the best value on the market I found after I researched 8 or 10 other well known companies. Love to pass on the info. for a great deal & a terrific company with super helpful people.

Here's the comforter on the LA you can see I have hardly begun so I am off upstairs to work on it.


Threeundertwo said...

Congratulations! I have a big Koala table that extends and I love it. It's so nice to have the machine flush with a big work surface.

Khris said... will be whipping those quilts up with so much surface space now. We are in La Pine Oregon and heading out tomorrow...cya in Phoenix soon...hugs Khris