Saturday, November 29, 2008

Andrew's latest toy....and my new fabric.

Oldest DS came by this afternoon to show off his latest project, a'70's Mercedes Benz "gelanden wagon", & while it isn't actually a jeep it's that type of vehicle, very cool anyway and he plans to fix it up for CO.
Glen and Khris left this morning on the next leg of their journey, heading for Oklahoma. We had a great time visiting with them and were sorry to see them go but they have many places to go and people to see the next 8 weeks or so. Khris & I have a very sympatico relationship, much in common, both antipodeans, both quilters & each of us has lost a beautiful son named Matthew.
Yesterday Khris and I did a small QS hop, three quilt shops plus Joann's. We made a reasonable contribution to the economy but nothing over the top.

I bought this fabric for my cowgirl/quilter/LA'er friend Gale in CO., the 'Udder Cowboy' very cute, plus a few pieces for my own stash as follows.
A set of 4 different quilter panels which will make nice bags, 8 of them in all-

this adorable quilter's fabric with longarm quilters on it the first time I have ever seen that and I had to have it, don't know yet what I will make from it, an apron perhaps, do quilters have time to cook....

A panel of labels for the many gift quilts I make, they will come in very handy-

and these three fabrics, the retro will be good for lap-top bags [or whatever] isn't it great,

the red poppies are for my watercolor quilts, gorgeous,

and the elegant green Asian will join the rest of my Oriental stash, of course I have some WHIMMS percolating around for that collection.

The last stop was at Joann's for a few half price notions, a new automatic retracting rotary cutter for me, all in all a successful hunt but rather tiring so today has been a little more laid back though DH has begun to put up Christmas decorations including the purchase of a new permanently lighted tree.

I guess now he expects me to decorate it, LOL.

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Deb said...


Would you be able to read the selvege edge of your "longarm" fabric and tell me the manufacturer, designer and the name of the line? Sure is cute fabric !!

Thanks, very much.
Happy New Year,
Debbie Myers
Batavia, IL