Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring is finally here and more OC!

Spring comes later at 9,000ft. and this year especially with all the late snowfall. The bulbs I planted last fall around Matthew's memorial are coming up & the daffodils & crocus are blooming, along with some little hyacinth I planted inside the deer proof fence. It seems that the deer have no taste for daffodils so it's safe to plant them anywhere. The bluebonnets are still developing their leaves but I found one blooming on the path that leads behind the house & I noticed some beside the road at the lower elevations. In a few weeks they will cover the entire area & everywhere we go up here there will be a sea of blue flowers.I am still working on OC steps 4 & 5, & hope to have them done before Bonnie posts the final clue next week. We have company arriving Sunday, nephew & family from Boston with 3 yr.old twins, so I might not get much sewing time the next week or so & I just don't want this to become another UFO. Here is my step 4 block & one block from step 5, I see a lot of red & blue & of course orange, so I'm thinking it might make a nice Quilt Of valor for a wounded warrior, what do you think? We have a lot of blocks left over but Bonnie has a pieced border in the plan, no doubt where the extras will go. I am pleased that I chose brighter blue & red for the yardage, I think they really help to distract the eye from all the ugly & weird scraps I used in the little blocks.This quilt will be entirely from stash, I have a large piece in the blue family for the backing,but I haven't made a noticeable dent in my stash strips so I must continue to make scrap quilts along with the planned projects.


Candace said...

I am sure that if there is any place more beautiful than Colorado, I haven't seen it. I've only been there twice, but would go happily every year. Thank you for the pictures, and your OC blocks look great.

Amanda said...

What a stunning place. How lucky you are to be able to go there regularly.