Friday, May 9, 2008

QOV's done!

The QOV's were done a couple of days ago, I'm awaiting the names of three of the AZ Army National Guard from Lucas. There's no point in mailing the quilts out of state when we have combat wounded here in Phoenix.The pink bargello is perhaps 2/3 quilted, I seem to have been distracted by all kinds of other things the past couple of days and yesterday I had to frog a lot of quilting that had less than pleasing tension issues showing on the back. I am still transferring files & working at the set-up of the MacBook, today I spent several hours in a futile effort among other things trying to load the HP printer drivers finally making one of my two free "help" calls to Microsoft & getting some answers about Entourage. iPhoto seems t0 be my other major problem right now & it's a pain working back & forth between two computers, I really want to ditch the Dell! I'm way too weary to do anything more tonight!

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Amanda said...

Great quilts. I'm sure they will be much appreciated and loved.