Saturday, June 7, 2008

Twin's quilts

Our family company from Boston came in last Sunday & nephew & wife are out on the quads riding up to Yankee Boy while we entertain their twins! In fact Uncle Walter[really Great Uncle Walter!] just took them down for a nap & I snapped a couple of pics. of Emily & Daniel snoozing with the quilts I made before they were born. They brought them along all the way from Boston & it's lovely to see the quilts well used, after all isn't that why we give quilts to those we love? When they wake up I will show them how I grind the wheat to make bread-we're having white pizza tonight so I need [no pun intended] to make the crust for said pizza. Then they can watch to see how we make ice cream-home made ginger ice cream tonight over fresh pineapple & mango, yummo!
We actually got a little snow again earlier this week, not enough to stick around the house but definitely making a difference on the surrounding peaks. Ridgway lake has been drained VERY low, lower than I ever saw it because such a large volume of snow melt is expected after a record year for snow here. So much for global warming, it's been the coolest, snowiest spring we can remember!
After step 4 of the OC mystery Bonnie shared a cream cheese pecan pie recipe as reward & it looked & sounded delish so I made one this week & it was a hit! Tomorrow we plan to drive to Telluride & take the kids on the Gondola to the top of the mountain, they will enjoy that & we'll take Button too, Telluride is a very dog-friendly town. Button is doing well after being bitten by a very large bossy dog a week ago which necessitated a trip to the Button is barely 14 lbs & she was attacked from the rear so fortunately the injuries are on her behind! Antibiotics have kept infection at bay & the wounds are healing up nicely.
I haven't done any more to the OC mystery quilt since Wednesday at Guild sew-day when I made a little progress on step 5. I checked out the pics on quiltvillechat from the mystery quilters who have assembled their tops already & I prefer the straight lay out [I think Lurline showed it] because it looks more interesting to me & I like the idea of an orange zig-zag around the border. I will make a decision after I see my own blocks completed & laid out probably not before guild sew-day next Wednesday.

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Sew Prim Khris said...

That pie looks very yummy Roslyn. How cute to see the kids snuggled up in their quilts...yes its great to see them used and loved. Hugs Khris